About Latina,Inc.

About Latina,Inc.

Latina,Inc. is a trading company established in 1995 for the purpose of importing and selling in Japan healthy food and food ingredients processed from native plants traditionally cultivated in Andes highland and also from medicinal plants wildly available in South America Amazonian Rain Forests.
South America continent is very rich in plant resources and regarded as the world biggest supply base of oxygen but there are still millions of native people suffering from poverty in this area.
Latina,Inc. is striving to give solution to health problems prevailing in Japan’s aging society by means of purchasing functional products derived from such useful plant resources in South America.
This English version is intended to address to manufacturers and commercial houses in the same market sectors in our neighboring countries our Latina’s desire to extend our service as reliable provider of good quality ingredients made of Latin American raw materials. It is also intended to let those suppliers of other original ingredients in South American countries interested in marketing their products, know that we welcome offers of accredited products.

Company profile

Name Latina,Inc.
Address 4-25-7, Kamata, Ota ku, Tokyo, Japan,
Postal code:144-0052
Mail Address
Tel / Fax Tel:81-3-3738-5017 / Fax:81-3-3738-5020
PRESIDENT CEO Susumu Yasumoto
Our businesses Import and sales(wholesales & retails)of healthy food and food ingredients.
Our main Products Maca(Peru)
Dry powder, Extract powder.
Chia seed(Mexico, Bolivia, Ecuador, etc)
Whole seed & processed.
Maqui Berry(Patagonia, Chile)
Concentrate juice, Freeze dry powder, Spray dry powder.
Cat’s claw(Peru)
Extract powder, Bulk powder.
Olive oil(Chile)
Medicinal herbs(Brazil)
Finished Products.

Latina,Inc. Fundamental principles

    1. We provide solution for health problems caused by population ages in Japan.
    2. We protect South American natural environment and contribute to the well-being of agricultural families through our business.
    3. We provide highly reliable intermediation role as we believe South America is significant supply source of food in the world.


Maca Chia Seed Cat's Claw


Chia Seed

Cat's Claw

Maqui Berry Golden Berry Camu Camu Chancapiedra

Maqui Berry

Golden Berry

Camu Camu


Huanarpo Macho Pau D'arco Muira Puama Guarana Paffia

Huanarpo Macho

Pau D'arco

Muira Puama